Pictures of you - Part 2

"This is one of the best classes I’ve ever had. A kick-ass 50 minutes, during which Bevin Mirksey told me she always wanted to be a guy." — Rachel Gatina

"I spent the hour with Rachel Gatina and I think she learned today that I am not an idiot. This is my picture of her." — Bevin Mirksey
"Over the years, I’ve known Haley James, bookworm. Haley James, sarcastic girl. Haley James Scott, rock star. And Haley James Scott, mother-to-be. Today, I got reacquainted with just Haley, my good friend. She getting heavier, too." — Skills Taylor

"Skills Taylor has been my friend since we were young. And today, I remembered why. He’s a great listener, he’s gonna do awesome in college, and he deserves to be on top of the world." — Haley James Scott

Fifty minutes ago, I called Lucas Scott a jock, but I was wrong. He’s more than one simple word. I guess we all are. Anyway, I learned that Lucas is actually a lot like me. Who knew?” — Glenda Farrell

"I wish I would’ve hung out with Glenda before today. Something tells me she could’ve been a great friend. But it’s good to know there’s still a little time left to do that. And I also learned her last name. And I learned that one hour can change everything." — Lucas Scott

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